Kim Knight
Hi My name is Kim. I live in Indianapolis.

I was doing a search for info. about glitter fabric paint when I was lead to a webpage where a lady was seeking advice about the butterfly wings she was making for her daughters dance outfit. I got this email address from that page. I was hoping that, like her, I could ask for some advice.

I am desperate to find gold single strand sequins in the 4mm or 3mm size. I have been able to find loose sequins in this smaller size.... but LOOSE does me no good. I absolutely need them to be in strand form.

5mm and larger gold sequin strands are easy to find.... but the smaller 4mm or 3mm are proving to be totally elusive for me. I know they exist somewhere because once I saw a project which used the small sequin strand, but alas, I have not been able to determine the source of those sequins. I have been trying in vain to locate a supplier... I would be willing to mail order from anywhere to get them. Can anybody help me?

Dana MacDermott
General Bead in SF has a store room with an overwhelming quantity of sequins, many of them antique. I purchased strings of tiny gold sequins there in the past. They have only a list of general info on line, but can be reached at: (415-255-2323) and (415-ALL-BEAD); (FAX 415-621-0529).

Shenlei Winkler
Have them try Ornamental Resources. I haven't ordered from them in a couple years, but the last time I got their catalog they did have the small flat sequins (the real, old kind) that we use for Edwardian recreation gowns. The down side is, they're quite costly.

Sometimes Amazon Drygoods carries them but they may be sold in loose packs rather than in a strung put up. Ditto Tinsel Trading, although the thing about TT is that if you have the cash, they can find the product.

Jeanine E. Swick
Possible sources: Store_Code=SBAM&Category_Code=SEQTRIM

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