Found Items

People find interesting things when they're out and about, and they let people know of their discoveries. You should be able to buy or find these items, also.

Adjustable Hangers
Found by Dany Slone
At the Container Store, she found adjustable hangers. They can be made wider or narrower depending on the need. But why is this cool?

My dress with the really wide neckline will finally STAY PUT on the hanger, instead of sliding off, without the use of clips, extra hooky things, or anything else for that matter. I was able to make it REALLY wide, so it should fit pretty nicely on most of the big-scoop-neckline dresses.

The cost? Three hangers for five dollars.

The ones I got were not for anything super heavy, but it appears that they make them for sturdier stuff.

Unfortunately, it looks like their orders are for larger supplies. Then again, some of us have a lot of costumes, so this could be a good thing.

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