Costuming Tips, Resources, and Humor

Where costumers help other costumers with tips on construction techniques, where to find items, and a dose of humor. Useful information for fabric artists, fabric tinkerers, wearable artists, and anyone who likes to play with fabric. Plus where you can wear some of your creations.

Developing Skills

Dyeing Information on dyeing. More information about shibori dyeing to come later.
FAQs Information for new science fiction, science fantasy, and media convention fans along with some costuming information.
How Do I...? Techniques on how to do something.
Workshops Extensive information on a topic or an actual workshop that was taken.

Events Places where you can wear your creations or find out how to create what you want to wear. This is a partial list to help get you started.

Finding Stuff

Where Can I...? Where to find specific items.
Found Items Neat things that people have found that you'll be able to buy, also.

Humor Every artform has its humor, and costuming is no exception.


Articles Short pieces by a single author that include advice, opinions, and information.
Masquerades Basic information on how to prepare for a masquerade for the contestant and the first-time masquerade director.


Portrait A portrait shot of me that a friend did.
My Costumes These are costumes that I've put together that I have photos of.


Books Books of interest to costumers.
Tools Tools that other costumers recommend.

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