Masquerade Running

If you're looking at running a masquerade for the first time, the following topics cover some of the basic information that many in the costuming community feel you should know.

No official sanctioning is implied or stated. The information provided is done as costumers speaking/writing to other costumers. Use the information provided as you see fit, and feel free to modify to suit your needs.

One of the first things you should do if you are looking at running a masquerade is go to the International Costumers' Guild (ICG) website, and read their Masquerade Guidelines . The ICG Guidelines are just that, a suggestion as to how you might want to run a masquerade. The Guidelines are a compilation of what has and has not worked in the past, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to running your masquerade. They are there to make life easier for you as a masquerade director.

Use the parts of the Guidelines that apply to your style and size of convention. The Guidelines give options, and you can select which options you want to use for your masquerade. Using the ICG Guidelines, you can derive the rules that you want for your masquerade. That means you can have as few or as many rules as you want and think are appropriate.

Masquerade Staff
Positions typically used to help run a masquerade. Some positions apply to larger conventions, so use only the ones that you need.

ADA Safety Considerations
A description of a situation that came up at one U.S. convention that people should be aware of concerning ADA compliance.

Event Safety
A rercommended book for everyone involved with the masquerade to read, even though it is not required. However, if you plan on being a masquerade director for a long time, it's a good book to get safety information from.

Green Room Food
If you're running a green room, costumers have suggestions of what you should have available.

Green Room Repair Items
Several costumers offer suggestions on what repair items you should have available in the green room.

Green Room Secrets
Experienced Green Room Manager Byron Connell shares his thoughts on how he runs a green room.

Judging Instructions
For the individual looking at being at running a masquerade, some instructions to give your judges to come up with the best decisions by two very experienced masquerade directors.

Juding Anime
Special considerations for those considering an anime masquerade by people who have done it.

Judging Process
The process that one costumer uses when judging a masquerade.

Workmanship Considerations
An extensive discussion on what several experienced workmanship judges consider important when looking at someone's costume.

Judges' Clerk Tasks
Answers the question of what a judges' clerk does, and what two costumers feel a clerk's responsibilities should include.

Good Den Parent
Some traits make for a good den parent, and you'll find them essential for making your green room run smoothly.

Sample Masquerade Rules
Aimed at the smaller convention, a simplified set of rules used successfully by a small local convention.

Presenting a Character
What to look for when someone is presenting a character.


Keep in mind that masquerades are supposed to be fun and enjoyable events for everyone. Have a good time, and I hope to see you running a future masquerade.

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